The most famous wine of all Italy - Brunello - can be tasted and purchased in the area of Montalcino. Montalcino is only twenty-five minutes drive. On route you can visit Villa Banfi also home to Brunello. A little past Villa Banfi you will find the region known as Arigano which is full of vineyards and where you will be able to taste a variety of locally produced wines including Brunello and the Montecucco varieties.

Local Restaurants

The village of Pari (five minutes) has two restaurants which serve typical local Tuscan food with an emphasis on meat, vegetarian, pasta and local food and wine.

The village of Casal Di Pari has one restaurant which serves a variety of local food and wine in the tradition of Tuscany.

The nearby village of Leccio has a restaurant and pizzeria

A short distance away Siena, Paganico and Grosseto have an abundance of fine restaurants and you will also find many nice restaurants located on the routes between these places.